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Q: How do I submit a photo of my child to be on the cover of Treasure Coast Parenting?

Q: How do you choose the cover photos?

A: Each year, from April 1- September 30, Treasure Coast Parenting holds a Kids Cover Photo Contest. Parents are encouraged to submit photos of their children, and photographers are encouraged to submit potential cover photos to be considered. It is free to submit photos. Simply go to www.TCParenting.com, sign in or log in and upload photos. You can upload as many as you would like.  We are currently looking for our 2016 cover kids. When submitting photos, please put 2016 in the caption. We choose at least 10 of our covers from the entries that have been submitted. For further information, please click on the contest tab to see what sort of photos we look for.

P.S. Although some children have started modeling careers after we featured them on our cover, we never, everhire models for our covers.

Q: Where can I pick up a copy of Treasure Coast Parenting?

A: Treasure Coast Parenting is a free monthly publication and can be found at over 400 authorized family-friendly locations on the Treasure Coast. Magazines can be found at locations such as CVS/Pharmacy, all the libraries, hospitals and many preschools, private schools, doctor and dentist offices and hundreds of other family friendly locations. Go to www.TCParenting.com and click on the distribution tab to find a location nearest you.

Q: I would like my business to be a distribution location for Treasure Coast Parenting. How can I get Treasure Coast Parenting at my location?

A: For locations who can distribute 25 copies or more per month, arrangements can be made to drop off copies monthly, free of charge. Simply e-mail info@TCParenting.com and ask for a distribution form, and we will get you set up on our distribution route.

Q: How can I submit a story, editorial or information that may be of interest to Treasure Coast Parenting readers?

A: That’s easy. Treasure Coast Parenting receives articles and story ideas daily. We love to receive articles and information from local experts. Please feel free to send any editorial, press information, news or any other information that may be of interest to our readers to k.ferraro@TCParenting.com. Articles, tips or other editorial should be between approximately 250-800 words. You will be contacted if your editorial has been chosen for an upcoming issue.

Q: I have a product or service I would like to give away in one of the monthly contests that Treasure Coast Parenting runs in print and online, who do I contact?

A: We love contests and so do our readers. For any contest inquiries, please e-mail info@TCParenting.com.

Q: How can we submit family milestones and other local information?

A: Simply log on to www.TCParenting.com, click on the reader submission tab at the top, and you will see where you can submit artwork, local information and milestones.

Q: How can I submit my child's artwork for the art gallery page?

A:You can also send artwork to us at:

Treasure Coast Children's Art Gallery

c/o Treasure Coast Parenting

P.O. Box 880894

Port St. Lucie, Fl. 34988


*** Please note: artwork will not be returned unless you send a SASE along with art.

Q: What is the cost for an ad? I would like to get information about advertising my business, can you send me information?

A:Sure thing, we would be glad to send you information. However we would prefer that you give us a call so that we can talk or meet with you about what it is you are looking to accomplish by advertising.

Treasure Coast Parenting is a free publication that wouldn’t be possible without the support from its advertising partners. The key word in the last sentence is partners. If you don’t do well, neither do we and we sincerely want to help you get the most bang for your buck and help you stretch your advertising budget so that it is within your comfort level and, of course, brings you the most return on your investment.

We believe that consistency is key when advertising. Our readers pick up our magazine monthly and hold on to it for our calendars and other local information, including our special featured sections. Unless you are running a big event, it makes more sense to take out an ad monthly that it does to blow your whole budget and take out one giant ad for one month.

Although Treasure Coast Parenting is currently the largest, free, monthly magazine on the Treasure Coast and the ONLY publication dedicated to parents and families,  we are still a small family-run business and know that every penny counts when you have a business. Go ahead, call us today at 772-878-5131. We would be more than happy to discuss with you a marketing plan with which you are comfortable. You can also e-mail info@tcparenting.com.

Q: Can I get a subscription to Treasure Coast Parenting?

A: If you don’t feel like picking up a copy of Treasure Coast Parenting at one of the 400+ locations on the Treasure Coast, you can have it delivered to your mailbox. Simply send in a check for $24.99 for a one-year subscription to cover the cost of  shipping. Checks can be made out to Treasure Coast Parenting Magazine and mailed to our PO Box below:

Q: How do I contact Treasure Coast Parenting?

A:See below

Treasure Coast Parenting

P.O. Box 880894

Port St. Lucie, FL 34988

Phone: 772-878-5131

Fax: 772-878-5484

E-Mail: info@tcparenting.com






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