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It’s Back!

The 2015 Treasure Coast Parenting Kids Cover Photo Contest Begins!

We think all kids are cute and cover worthy; however, we only publish 12 issues a year. With that in mind, we decided to have a Kids Cover Photo Contest each year and choose our cover kids from the photos submitted by parents/caregivers or photographers. Sometimes we choose an actual photo and sometimes we chose a child or children to photograph.

We encourage parents, families and photographers to submit as many photos as they would like for free between now and September 31, 2014.

What do we look for?
We seek out photos that best represent life on the Treasure Coast and are looking for a variety of children of all ages and different backgrounds. From time to time we also choose photos that are seasonal and in sync with the current month’s theme or holiday. Family and sibling photos are also welcome.

Please note: we never, ever hire models from agencies.

You are welcome to submit as many photos as you would like; however, we ask that you follow these simple guidelines:

Cover Kids
• Please submit natural photos. We prefer those that haven’t been taken in a studio with black or white backgrounds. And please, please no makeup or airbrushing photos! Your kids are adorable just the way they are!
• Please submit current photos no less than 2 months old prior to submission.
• Please do not submit school photos or other photographers’ photos without their permission.

Photo Submission for Photographers:
For those who want their actual photo to appear on the cover.
• Same guidelines as above.
• Cover photos must be vertical, like a magazine cover.
• Please don’t crop the photos. At least not too much! We need plenty of room on the top and sides for editorial content. (Hint: when you think you have a perfect shot, take a giant step backwards.)
• Please make sure you have a high resolution copy available of 300 dpi or greater. We will need the original it if your photograph is chosen.

How to submit a photo: It is Free and Simple!

1. Log on to
2. Register or sign in to the Parent & Family Network. (It’s Free!)
3. Once logged in, click on “my page” then “photos,” then “add” and then begin uploading.
4. When your photo(s) has/have been uploaded, please, please please, make sure to label the photo title: TCP 2015. (sure you can put in the child's name or anything else you want, but we will only be looking through the database of photos with TCP in the title.)

The 2015 Treasure Coast Parenting Kids Cover Photo contest is only for Treasure Coast and surrounding area residents.(Out of State/Country contestants will be disqualified) The contest is free to enter and the submission deadline for our 2015 Cover Kids is September 31, 2014. Legal Guardians of winners or photographers will be asked to sign a model/photo release if an entry is chosen.

Please do not mail or e-mail photos to Treasure Coast Parenting. All submissions must be entered through the website to qualify.
Last year’s contest was a huge success. We received over 4000 photos of children or photos to be considered for our monthly magazine cover. We will reveal the winners month by month as they appear in 2014.

Go to and enter your child or photo today!

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